Our range of tanking membrane accessories include all the necessary sealing tapes, fixing plugs, drainage channel and ancillary products. The ULTRA range is ever expanding so if there are any items not listed, feel free to ask if we can source them. 

Full technical details are available upon request for all of our tanking products that are listed.

membrane plaster plugs
basement overtape
multiplug brick plug
fleeceband overtape



The ULTRA Plaster plug is a plastic hammer-in fixing for use with ULTRA 3 Mesh Membrane and ULTRA 8 Mesh Membrane. Suits an 8mm pre-drilled hole into brick, block or concrete. This plaster plug incorporates a ruffled-surface head to accommodate the direct application of various plasters or plasterboard using dabbing adhesive.







  • Available in 50mm or 70mm lengths

  • Fits a pre-drilled 8mm hole

  • 500 plaster plugs per box


            ULTRA BRICK PLUGS  



The ULTRA Brick Plugs is a plastic hammer-in fixing for use with ULTRA 8 tanking membrane and ULTRA GEO tanking membrane. Suits a 10mm pre-drilled hole into brick, block or concrete. This brick plug incorporates a central hole which allows a fixing to made directly into the plug itself which prevents piercing of the membrane. Timber battens can be installed into the plug when installing a studded frame.







  • Length of 60mm

  • Fits a pre-drilled 10mm hole

  • 100 brick plugs per box


           ULTRA COB PLUGS 



The ULTRA Cob Plug features an expansion pin, driven into the stem of the fixing to expand the stem and provide a high pull out resistance. The drill diameter required for the stem is 10mm. Our cob plug also features a 50mm diameter head to provide a high pull over resistance. They are for use with ULTRA 3 Mesh Membrane, ULTRA 8 Mesh Membrane, ULTRA 8 tanking membrane and ULTRA GEO tanking membrane systems where the substrate is of poor quality are requires a much stronger fixing.





  • Lengths of 60mm, 90mm, 110mm and 130mm 

  • Fits a pre-drilled 10mm hole

  • 200 cob plugs per box


             ULTRA SEALS



ULTRA Seals provide a waterproof seal for sealing ULTRA Brick Plugs and ULTRA Plaster Plugs when fixing any of the ULTRA tanking membranes to basement walls.




  • Fits all ULTRA fixings

  • Provides a waterproof fixing

  • 100 seals per bag


              DRILL BITS



An assortment of SDS+ drill bits are available for installing any of the ULTRA fixings.






  • 8 x 160 SDS Drill Bit

  • 8 x 210 SDS Drill Bit

  • 10 x 210 SDS Drill Bit

  • 10 x 310 SDS Drill Bit


              ULTRA CORNERTAPE



ULTRA Cornertape is for sealing the wall/floor junction between basement floor tanking membrane and basement wall membrane. It can also be used to seal laps on basement tanking membranes.




  • Can be used with all internal ULTRA Membranes

  • Provides a waterproof seal across membrane joints

  • 150mm width x 20 metre length





ULTRA Double Tape is a flexible double sided waterproofing tape designed to seal overlapping joints on ULTRA membranes for use in basements and can also be used in damp proofing if desired.





  • Can be used with all ULTRA Membranes

  • Provides a waterproof seal between membrane joints

  • 28mm width x 22.5 metres length





ULTRA Fleeceband Tape is a wide, flexible butyl rubber fleece tape that is applied to the butt joints of adjoining ULTRA Mesh membranes to form a waterproof seal.





  • For use with ULTRA 3 Mesh and ULTRA 8 Mesh Membrane

  • Provides a waterproof seal across tanking membrane joints

  • Allows for direct application of plaster, render or dabbing adhesive

  • 115mm width x 20 metre length


                 ULTRA ROPE



ULTRA Rope can be used to create a waterproof seal to ULTRA Plaster Plugs, ULTRA Cob Plugs and ULTRA Brick Plugs in below ground basement waterproofing. It can also be used on ULTRA Membranes to seal laps when they are installed stud to stud.




  • Can be used with all ULTRA Membranes

  • Provides a waterproof seal between membrane joints when installed stud to stud

  • Can be used as an alternative to ULTRA Seals when installing ULTRA fixing plugs

  • 10mm thickness x 5 metre length





ULTRA Drainage Channel is designed to assist with the removal of water that may enter the basement and safely diverts the water to a suitable ULTRA pump system or existing maintainable drainage point. It is usually installed around the perimeter of the basement wall/floor junction.  





  • Used to collect water and divert to a pump or drain

  • Length - 2 metre

  • Height - 50mm 

  • Depth - 80mm 





Installing ULTRA Inspection Ports is a critical part of the waterproofing system as it allows the drainage to be maintainable - this is an important factor when complying with BS8102:2009 Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.  





  • Used for essential maintenance and jetting the channel 

  • Length - 200mm

  • Height - 50mm 

  • Depth - 80mm 





If you are installing pumped drainage as part of a basement tanking waterproofing system, you will need an ULTRA Channel Outlet to direct the water into the ULTRA Solo pump or ULTRA Twin Pump.






  • To be incorporated within the ULTRA Drainage System

  • Length - 200mm

  • Height - 50mm

  • Depth - 80mm





ULTRA Filtered Land Drain incorporates a filter sleeve and is designed for use externally around basement perimeter walls below slab level. It can be used in conjunction with ULTRA GEO Membrane for externally applied wateproofing systems.  





  • Used to collect water and divert to a pump or drain

  • Length - 25 metres

  • Diameter - 60mm





ULTRA are proud to stock the best performing 4 inch extractor fan on the market for condensation problems. It is a fully automatic, continuously running, silent, low energy extractor fan that revolves around one product for the bathroom (5 l/s) and the kitchen (8 l/s) which offers extremely low running noise. This extractor fan includes SMART technology for humidity and timer control as well as the easiest possible set up that takes seconds to acheive thanks to its patented user friendly keypad.


It has built-in settings that can be activated at the touch of a button which include a dedicated button for bathrooms and a dedicated button for kitchens that meet building regulations.


With an automatic humidity sensor this extractor fan will initiate BOOST mode and will drop down into trickle mode once humidity levels decrease - thus conserving energy.


It is perfect for areas that are having problems with condensation or perhaps where a positive input unit cannot be installed but ventilation is necessary.


We agree that this is an essential piece of equipment for basements, cellars and other underground structures that require ventilation to prevent problems with condensation.




  • Fully Automatic Extractor Fan

  • Silent in Operation

  • Constant Running to allow for background ventilation 

  • Automatically Boosts when humidity increases and reverts to trickle mode when humidity decreases

  • Set up takes seconds thanks to its patented, user friendly keypad

  • Pre-set one touch buttins for kitchens and bathrooms

  • Costs less than a penny a day to run