We have a complete range of cavity drain membranes for basement waterproofing or tanking. If you are planning a cellar conversion or looking to construct a new build basement we have the materials to create a complete waterproofing or tanking system.


You can contact us with your specific requirements and we can provide professional advice along with a tailored quotation.


8mm membrane for tanking basements and cellars
ULTRA 8  - Cavity Drain Membrane   


ULTRA 8 tanking membrane is a waterproof cavity drain membrane for waterproofing walls and floors. This basement waterproofing membrane leaves an impermeable surface, enabling dry-wall lining on studs/metal frame & direct laying of basement floors.

This 8mm studded membrane is regularly used by basement contractors that wish to keep a continuous waterproof barrier on basement walls and floors; especially if the height of the finished floor level is an important factor.

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  • Can be used on basement walls and floors

  • Roll size - 2x20 (40m2)   

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ULTRA 8 MESH  - Cavity Drain Membrane   


ULTRA 8 Mesh tanking membrane is designed for waterproofing basement walls. It has a welded mesh face for direct and immediate application of plaster finishes.

This basement waterproofing membrane leaves an impermeable waterproof surface and should be used in conjunction with a maintainable drainage system.

This tanking membrane is used by basement contractors that do not wish to install a stud frame and where wall insulation is not required.


  • Can be used on basement walls

  • Roll size - 2x20 (40m2)   

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ULTRA 20  - Cavity Drain Membrane

ULTRA 20 is a 20mm studded cavity drain tanking membrane and is primarily designed as a floor membrane in basements. Where extremely high levels of water ingress are a expected in basements, it can also provide a high performance drainage membrane solution for walls if required. Due to the stud depth this tanking membrane has the highest drainage capacity in the ULTRA range. It is popular in basement conversions with an option to utilise an existing drain.


  • Can be used on basement floors

  • Roll size - 2x20 (40m2)   

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External Tanking Membrane
ultra geo basement membrane
Geotextile External Basement Membrane
ULTRA GEO  - External Basement Membrane


ULTRA GEO tanking membrane is an externally applied, multi layered geotextile cavity drain membrane designed for use in new build basements and below ground construction waterproofing.

The primary function of Geotextile tanking membrane is to act as a waterproof barrier by diverting ground water away from the structure to a suitably positioned land drain.

The relevant ULTRA Brick Plugs, ULTRA Seals, ULTRA Double Tape, ULTRA Capping Profile and ULTRA Land Drain (filtered) are also available to suit this product.  


  • Can be used on basement walls externally

  • Roll size - 2x20 (40m2)   

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