4" / 100mm Constant Running Extractor fan for condensation control.

Ventilation is extremely important when converting basements into habitable space. Depending on the intended usage of the basement, you should consider using an extractor fan as a mimimal source of ventilation.

ULTRA Membrane Systems are pleased

to announce a new product to our ever increasing range. The 4" or 100mm extractor fan is the best performing fan currently on the market due to the following features:

  • Fully Automatic Extractor Fan

  • Silent in Operation

  • Constant Running to allow for background ventilation

  • Automatically Boosts when humidity increases and reverts to trickle mode when humidity decreases

  • Set up takes seconds thanks to its patented, user friendly keypad

  • Costs less than a penny a day to run

Extractor Fan
Extractor Fan Keypad
Extractor Fan Dimensions


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