Basement Tanking Membrane installed on a property in Bolton, Lancashire

ULTRA Membrane Systems were chosen to design a waterproofing system for a basement at a new build property in Bolton, Lancashire.

The basement is to be used as a garage and workshop which will house several vehicles.

Initially an external tanking system was recommended by the architect, however our qualified waterproofing surveyor Scott Worrall CSSW decided that a Type C cavity drainage system was required due to do access restrictions from the outside - therefore the waterproofing design was changed.

This basement waterproofing system will be fully maintainable and access to inspection ports is available internally when required.

Products used include:

ULTRA 8mm Membrane for walls and floors

ULTRA Drainage Channel

ULTRA Brick Plugs with Seals

ULTRA Cornertape

ULTRA Double Sided Tape

ULTRA Inspection Ports/Jetting Eyes

N-Virol Free-Lime Sealer

Basement Tanking Bolton
Basement Membrane for walls and floors
Waterproofing a basement  Lancashire

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