ULTRA Membrane Systems installed in Africa!

When Structural Waterproofing Services LTD were asked to waterproof a basement in Nigeria, they looked no further than a small town in Lancashire for their materials.

The basement was part of a large scale industrial development incorporating a huge port terminal in Onne, Nigeria. The structure is built from reinforced concrete which in itself was not capable of keeping water out of the basement. It was apparent that the concrete alone could not withstand the hydrostatic pressure which was being applied due to a high water table, therefore a Type C internal cavity membrane system was recommended. A flexible cementitious coating was applied to the external walls to provide 2 extra forms of defence.

Working closely with ULTRA Membranes very own CSSW qualified waterproofing expert, a solution was devised and the issue of a leaking basement was resolved. The cavity membrane system remains fully maintainable and will be monitored regularly to ensure the system remains fully functional.

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